We manufacture components and complete installation of ventilation systems made of polypropylene (PPs). It is flame retardant polymer (UL94 V-0 flammability class) with excellent chemical resistance to aggressive media.

  • For diameter up to Ø400 we use readymade, extruded pipes and fittings of Agru-Frank or Simona.
  • Above Ø400 pipes and fittings are manufactured by our company.


Connection of the system elements can be executed by welding and use of flanges and sleeves, which ensure tightness of the system. Thanks to prefabricated transition element we may combine of rectangular and circular systems. This gives you the opportunity to compose the appropriate systems, best suited to your individual needs.

Together with the system of ducts and fittings, we offer all the necessary parts as well as accessories for ventilation (air intakes, aerators, wall and roof air terminals, anemostats, adjusting dampers, roof exhaust components).

Mounting system supports used by us have EPDM lining which enhances absorption of vibrations and additionally suppress noise generated by the ventilation system.


 Advantages of ventilation systems made of PPs:

  • A high rate of resistance to chemicals (including concentrated acids, bases and all solvents) that allows the use of the system in a highly hostile environment. PPs shows resistance any solvent up to temperature of 200° C
  • Thanks to the low weight of PPs, this system does not require heavy and expensive support structure, and allows for fast and trouble-free installation.
  • With good damping properties of thermoplastics the ventilation system works silently.
  • PPs is incombustible and self-extinguishing material.
  • Very good dimensional stability even at high temperatures and high wear resistance.