We deal with design, prefabrication and erection of custom made components and constructions made of plastics:


kosze sswane


Sampling boxes

They collect representative samples of materials in a loose state or liquid (eg, water samples, industrial wastewater or aggressive media). Collection of a sample can be initiated by an automatic controller or manually. Boxes are made of welded PE plates and profiles and are equipped with a removable cover. Solid construction ensures a long service life and can be applied (among others) at power plants, power plants, chemical plants, etc..



Pipe culverts



Device models for scientific research purposes.



Anti-corrosive fasteners.



Static mixers for aggressive media.



Pipes coated with polyester fabric for laminating with resins

Pipe laminating increases the strength parameters of pipelines subjected to external loads, while maintaining at the same time their chemical resistant properties. Embedded polyester fabric increases several times the adhesion of the surface and allows the formation of lasting weld on an combination of materials.

laminated plastic pipe


 Spraying systems



as well as: 

  • spraying systems
  • scrubbers
  • lamella clarifier
  • and others