From the very beginning of the foundation of the company our main target was to provide chemically resistant installation made of different plastics. In their development and wide municipal and industrial applications we have seen the opportunity to develop and gaining orders.



instalacja pokazowa


Anticipating expectations and needs of our costumers we provide various and complex services in a wide range of:

  • design,
  • technical advice,
  • workmanship,
  • transport to destination,
  • mounting and repair

different types of process installations, industrial tanks, ventilation systems made of plastic and resin laminates reinforced with glass fiber. 



Our offer is addressed (and not only) to chemical plants and power plants as well as.

Installations and tanks delivered by us are working among others in many power plants, among others in: "Belchatow", "Kozienice", "Połaniec", "Dolna Odra", "Pątnów", "Ostroleka", "Jaworzno III" as well as chemical plants “Fosfory” Gdańsk, "Soda Mątwy "Inowrocław.

Intermediates used by us are produced from pure granulate with the highest chemical and durability parameters . All materials used in the production process are carefully controlled and certified by supplies independent laboratories.

We offer advice and support from our technical department in development of the best system solutions for your project. All work carried out by us are performed under strict supervision of the quality control department to ensure the highest quality of service and timely delivery.




We are fully equipped to carry out any pipeline installations made of plastics:

  • hydraulic welding machines for butt welding, microprocessor controlled - diameter up to ø 630 mm
  • + GF + hydraulic welding machines for bead-free welding + diameter up to ø 63 mm,
  • all types of welding machines for fusion welding in diameter up to ø125 mm,
  • angular hydraulic welding machines for  butt welding up to ø 350 mm,
  • welding machines for electro fusion welding,
  • machines for butt welding of thermoplastic plates in thickness up to 35 mm,
  • microprocessor-controlled machine for cutting thermoplastic plates,
  • appliances for GRP laminates execution.



Our company also offers high-class HILTI coring tool along with a wide range of diamond core bits and diamond drilling accessories. We perform coring with diameters from 10 to 250 mm in walls and ceilings under each angle. Openings are made in materials such as; reinforced concrete, metal, brick, plastic and wood. Skilled workers operating this equipment received training in HILTI company and have extreme experience. Thanks to this the work is done with the utmost accuracy.

We execute anchoring of machines and other equipment by all methods offered by the  HILTI company..

anchoring with HILTI equipment